Meet the Filmmaker: Lilly Rivlin

Lilly Rivlin has spent the majority of her film career creating art about social issues and topics including feminism and women’s political activism and spiritual advancement.  Her films include Can You Hear Me about Israeli and Palestinian woman working together for peace.  The Tribe, a microcosm of the saga of Jewish history, documents the reunion of two thousand five hundred family members in Jerusalem, Miriam’s Daughters focuses on the birth and growth of Jewish feminism and Gimme A Kiss explores the meaning of love, as Rivlin’s parents, at the close of their lives, lay in hospital beds next to each other.  Ms. Rivlin has also written for Newsweek, Ms. Magazine and The Washington Post.  She was born in Jerusalem and came to the United States during WWII.   Her family settled in Washington, D.C. and Lilly went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University and a master’s in International Relations and Indian studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Name: Lilly Rivlin

Home Town: New York City

Inspiration for film: Grace Paley is the inspiration for this film about her.

Female Role Model: Hannah Arendt

Favorite Recipe: I cook according to inspiration so no recipes.

Favorite Book: I used to love to read, now I don’t have time, but the book I most loved reading was the Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann.

Film Fetish: Jules and Jim

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